• A Relationship between Hyaluronic Acid and your Skin

    According to research, a single gram of hyaluronic acid can store up to 6 liters of water. This is what makes it the perfect agent to help retain as much moisture in the skin, and the cells, as possible. It leaves your skin feeling fresh, plump and glowing.

  • Retinol Serum; the Magic of Green Tea

    Here at Retinol Magic, we released a retinol serum that contains one of the ingredients considered to be the very best for skin care; Green Tea. Radiant, hydrated and glowing skin is something everyone strives for.
  • The wonders of Retinol

    But what exactly is Retinol?

    Derived from Vitamin A, retinol has amazing powers to take care of all your skin problems like magic. Name an issue and retinol can solve it. Your skin is uneven or you have clogged pores. Retinol can actually make that go away. It has the ability to actually unclog your pores and even out your complexion.  If you have fine lines and wrinkles due to your skin again, no other cream can promise to make that go away because these are extremely stubborn but retinol has you covered in that field as well.

  • Retinol Magic Against Fine Lines and Wrinkles

    Bella Pummarola

    Italian Beauty blogger talks about Retinol Magic.